Building a startup and doing customer development with a small team is a challenge. It gets 10 times more challenging if you are a solo Founder.

Your time and your focus should be your most protected assets and thus you should try to automate as many processes as you possibly can: recurring payments, emails, faqs, onboarding guides, testing, collecting feature requests, etc.

Here is how you can collect feature requests in Intercom and automate your feedback loop using Acute.

Allow users to submit feature suggestions without starting a new conversation

You can embed Acute's widget in your Messenger Home and let customers make feature suggestions and vote on features. This makes it super easy for your customers to leave feature requests directly inside your product, without having to leave the page they're on or sign up for a different service. In return, you will get more feedback and gain more insights. You will also have all your feature requests in a single and organized place instead of spread across email, twitter and support chats.

Acute feedback in Intercom Messenger

Capture feature requests from Intercom conversations

Inevitably you will still have feature requests arise in conversations. In that scenario, you can track customer feedback directly from your conversation's inbox. The customer information is linked to the feedback so your team has all the valuable context at hand. You can also see a user's feature requests inside a conversation so you know what features customers have already suggested and are important to them when talking to them.

Acute Feedback in Intercom inbox

With Acute, you can add the user message when tracking feedback into Acute. Having feedback quotes (aka user messages) helps you gain better insights when looking at a feature request by seeing the exact words your customers have used when describing the feature. You can see all the conversation messages under the Highlights tab and also open the Intercom conversation for even more context, straight from Acute.

Your customer data is synced with the feature request

Acute links the customer information to every feature request so you have all the valuable context at hand. You can see the revenue of the customer who submitted the feature request, and you can see the revenue of the customers who upvoted the feature request. You can also see the average voter MRR and cumulative MRR of each feature request. This helps you understand what needs your customer segments have and identify what feature requests matter most to your paying users.

Show customers your feature requests' roadmap

You can embed Acute's roadmap widget in your Messenger Home and show customers on what feature requests you are currently working on and what's next in the pipeline. This will help them get a better sense of the direction your product is going and which of their feature requests will be implemented soon. They will love you for it.

Acute Roadmap in Intercom Messenger

Notify customers when their feature requests have been implemented

With Acute, you can close the feedback loop completely automated. You can notify your customers when a feature requests they submitted or voted on has been released with automated email notifications.

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