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Acute for Intercom

Capture and track customer feedback where customers engage the most: Intercom.

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Capture feedback from Intercom conversations

Acute gives teams a simple system to capture customer feedback from Intercom conversations. The customer information is linked to the suggestion so your team has all the valuable context at hand.

View users feedback in Inbox

Know what features customers have already suggested and are important to them when talking to them, directly from the Intercom conversation.

Capture feedback through Intercom Messenger

Let customers make suggestions and vote on features directly from Intercom's Messenger widget. This makes it super easy for your customers to give feedback so you'll gain more insights, with no effort, and in a single and organized place.

Share your roadmap

Keep users engaged and loyal by being transparent with your roadmap and showing constant progress, right inside your Intercom Messenger.

Close the feedback loop

Notify users when a feature request has been released with automated email notifications.

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