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How Taskable fuels growth by focusing on user feedback and building a loyal userbase, all while in Beta

With Matthew Johnson, Co-founder


Matthew Johnson

Like any good product team, at Taskable we find user feedback incredibly helpful in how we prioritize feature improvements and discover new ways to solve user headaches. We, of course, do user interviews for understanding headaches which drive big picture features, but often simple fixes and improvements get lost in the shuffle. This is where Acute comes into play.


Taskable helps many-hat wearers, like founders, bring all their work tools together into a single view, so they always know what to do next.

The Problem

When we launched our beta we really wanted to make it super easy for our users to share feedback quickly. We’d previously used Canny at our last startup. The engagement there was minimal. Nearly every feature request was from me manually entering them into Canny when a user sent them to us in Intercom or email.

For Taskable, we initially just created a Trello board and gave all our beta users an invite link so they could add and track feature requests. As with Canny, we found very little engagement with the Trello board. This wasn’t because users didn’t have feedback - plenty of it came into my inbox - it was that there was too much friction between when they had the thought, and actually capturing it somewhere.

The Solution

Then we found Acute. I liked that it had the Intercom widget and that users didn’t need to create an account or log into it separately as they did with Canny or Trello. We decided to give it a try without much expectation.

To our very pleasant surprise, our users used it from day one. I couldn’t believe how quickly they started added and upvoting requests, commenting, and getting in touch with us when we released features they were following on Acute.

I love how easy it is to notify people that the thing they needed in the product is live now, and watching them come back and start using it.

Most surprisingly, me and my co-founder use it all the time. It is super easy to capture a change we want to make to the product, and then get additional feedback and validation from our users on it.

The Results

Our users constantly help us improve our product through their feedback and feature suggestion which is especially crucial while in Beta. 

We've also seen our engagement rise up as we are notifying people that the thing they suggested has been added to the product.

Prospective users can see of what sorts of things we’ll be working on through our public roadmap which helped us with user acquisition and social proof.

How Taskable uses Acute

We link to Acute prominently from within the product and show it to people when we onboard them so users know we are always open to their feedback.

We link to the roadmap page from our landing page which gives prospective users an idea of what sorts of things we’ll be working on.

We share an email to the roadmap during the onboard email campaign so new users get an idea of what’s coming next and are reminded to add their own feature requests there.

  • Acute has been great for helping us capture and prioritize user feedback, and stay focused on the features that have the biggest impact on our product. Our users love it too. They are super engaged in posting new requests and voting on others.

    Matthew J., Co-founder Taskable

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