Collect product feedback

Gain insights and understand what users really need so you can build better products.

In product feedback widget

Acute's embeddable feedback widget allows customers to submit feedback and feature requests without having to leave your product.

The feedback widget can be attached to any button or element from inside your application.

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Feature voting system

Users can vote and leave comments on feature requests. This way the most valuable items will rise to the top.

Drive growth and loyalty by being transparent and including your customer feedback in your product roadmap.

Widget customization

Keep your brand's identity by using your logo and colors.

Identify users

Users don't need to sign up to Acute to leave you feedback and feature requests. Identify and sync users with your own application's user accounts.

Get the full picture with user profiles and user data like Id, signup date, and monthly revenue.

Public standalone feedback page

Create a custom public page to collect feedback outside of your application.

Intercom Integration

You can embed Acute's feedback widget directly in Intercom Messenger to give users an easy and slick way to submit feedback and feature requests.

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