Acute vs. Canny

Acute is an excellent alternative to collect feature requests and gain better insights.

In-app embeddable widgets

Acute is more than a feedback portal. Unlike Canny, Acute offers embeddable widgets for collecting feedback. Your users can make feature requests directly inside your product, without having to leave the page they’re on or sign up for a different service. No code required.

Better customization

You can keep your brand's identity by using your logo and colors.

No signup required

Identify and sync your own application's user accounts. See user data like ID, Signup Date, and MRR.

Feedback privacy

Not everyone is ready to go public with their feedback. Choose between public or private privacy options for your feedback.

Acute feedback widget
Acute feedback modal widget
Acute Intercom integration
Intercom Messenger widget

Acute feedback post

Gain real insights

Acute has more than just a voting system. Unlike Canny, Acute offers you real insights through feedback data points. You can plan, prioritize, and back your product decisions with actual data.

Average voter revenue

Weigh feedback by data points like average voter revenue to truly understand what needs your customer segments have.

Feedback cumulative revenue

Filter feedback by cumulative revenue to truly understand what matters most to your paying users and higher-tier customers.

Prioritize your feature requests

Acute gives you a simple prioritization system to quantify the strategic importance of feature requests. Unlike Canny, Acute helps you take into consideration the complexity and impact of features before implementing them.

RICE Prioritization

Use our Prioritization system to effectively prioritize feature requests based on factors like Reach, Impact, Effort, and Confidence.

Prioritization Score

Filter items based on their prioritization score to prioritize your most impactful feature requests.

Acute prioritization

Better features at a friendlier price

Acute offers you all the features you need for better insights and prioritization, at a more affordable price of $25/month vs. $50/month.

  • Acute makes gathering feedback super easy and users are actually using it, which we never got from Canny. They are super engaged in posting new requests and voting on others.

    Matthew J., Co-founder Taskable

Feature comparison

  • Acute



    starts at $25/month

    starts at $50/month

    Collect feedback

    Embeddable widget & modal

    Privacy options

    Choose between public and private feedback collection.


    Keep your brand's identity by using your logo and colors.

    No user signup required


    Multiple boards for collecting other things like bugs

    Core features

    Voting system, status updates, vote on behalf of users, roadmap, user profile, tags, customer segments, private comments

    Feedback data points

    Feedback average voter revenue, feedback cumulative revenue

    Prioritization system

    White Labelling



    Collect feedback in Messenger, capture feedback from conversations


    Share roadmap in Messenger, collect feedback with custom bots


    Get notifications in Slack on new feature requests and comments


    Link and sync feedback to Jira issues

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