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Acute helps you collect customer feedback, gain meaningful and actionable insights, and figure out what to build next

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Collect customer feedback

Our embeddable widget makes it easy for your users to give you feedback, right from inside your website.

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Acute prioritization

Prioritize the right features

Make sure you are working on the right things and prioritize the most impactful feature requests.

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Create loyal customers

Keep your customers engaged and informed, and inspire trust and loyalty.

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Acute feedback loop

Integrates with your workflow

Easily sync data between Acute and the rest of your tools.

What People Say

  • The best product for tracking feature requests and keeping users up to date

    Acute has been great for helping us capture and prioritize user feedback, and stay focused on the features that have the biggest impact on our product. Our users love it too. They are super engaged in posting new requests and voting on others.

    Matthew J., Co-founder Taskable
  • Acute will make you more effective and your users happier

    Acute makes it easy to collect and prioritize feedback, which in turn makes our users happy and less likely to churn. It really changed the way we prioritize things and takes the guesswork out of organizing the product roadmap.

    Samy D., Co-Founder Hypefury
  • Acute is a light in the dark when it comes to running a SaaS 

    Acute eliminates all guesswork on our end and helps us visualize what users actually want. Being able to view our highest demanded features and sift through paying and non-paying customers has been a game-changer. Our weekly planning sessions have gotten SO much easier since we started using Acute.

    Amy S., Co-founder ProfitKit
  • We can now control the chaos 

    Acute helped us manage all the chaos of receiving feature requests through all kinds of different channels. We absolutely LOVE the ability to have all our feature requests in one place and to be able to effectively prioritize them and keep our users in the loop.

    Serge C., Co-founder BurnerMail

Get better results with Acute

  • 30% more engagement

    Improve user engagement by keeping users in the loop

  • 40% more customers
    Increase conversion rate by showing constant progress
  • 20% less churn
    Reduce churn by listening to user feedback

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