Build, plan and grow your business with a customer-focused mindset.

Collect customer feedback with in-app widgets

Embed Acute's widgets to allow users to make feature requests directly inside your product, without having to leave the page they’re on or sign up for a different service. No code required.

Widget customization

Keep your brand's identity by using your logo and colors.

Feedback privacy

Choose between public or private privacy options for your feedback.

Identify users

Identify and sync your own application's user accounts. See user data like ID, Signup Date, and MRR.

Feedback statuses

Communicate what's coming next and what your team is currently working on with statuses.

Intercom Messenger widget

Plan and prioritize your feature requests

Acute gives you a simple system to capture and consolidate customer feedback coming from different channels. Plan, prioritize, and back your product decisions with actual data.

Feedback data points

Weigh feedback by data points like the number of votes, average voter revenue, cumulative voter revenue to segment feedback.

RICE Prioritization

Use our prioritization system to take into consideration the complexity and impact of features before implementing them.

Vote on behalf of users

Track feedback manually by adding user upvotes to posts. Select existing customers or create new ones.

Private comments

Have team discussions and leave notes, all privately.

Follow up on feature requests

Keep customers in the loop with what you are currently working on, what's coming next, and what's been launched.


Automatically notify users via email when their feedback status has been changed.

Public Roadmap

Share your roadmap to engage your customers and show progress.

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